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Silver Star Trailer Dealer Minnesota

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The Silver Star Drop Center Aluminum Livestock Trailer is designed to be versatile. Haul cattle, hogs, or sheep – fats, feeders, or breeders – or load combinations. With Silver Star’s series of available gates, ramps, bull bars and decking choices, haulers can tailor the trailer to their specific hauling requirements.

“Nothing pulls better than a Wilson” – the Silver Star’s smooth wrap-around radius front end, tuned suspension, and solid lightweight aluminum construction makes it the preferred choice among livestock haulers.

Wilson’s workmanship and wise use of long-lasting aluminum earns their trailers the reputation of a long service life with minimal maintenance and a high resale value. That means value.

Several elements come together to make the SilverStar the best livestock trailer on the road. Wilson builds in the beneficial standard features and then adds owner specific options to produce a trailer that not only achieves all expectations for the owner – it will keep doing so for many years to come.

StockMaster Dealer Minnesota

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The ground-loading and unloading capability of the Wilson PSAGL livestock trailer allows animals to be moved almost anywhere they need to go. Various available decking options enables the trailer to have multiple levels with compartments – loads can be maximized throughout the trailer with ease or even mixed if desired.

The StockMaster PSAGL Aluminum Livestock Trailer by Wilson features the same excellent features as the rest of the Stockmaster line up. Riveted alluminum contruction allows the trailer to be lightweight, flex when needed, and haul more payload.

The trailer features lightweight aluminum components like the punched side panels that have ribbed embossments in the solid areas to provide greater strength and resistance to denting. Aluminum’s natural non-corrosive characteristic means years of low rust-free maintenance.

Commander Trailer Dealer Minnesota

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Designed for those who prefer a sloped front and rear end, the Commander maintains all the same great standard features and the same long list of available options as the Pacesetter Model.The Commander’s aerodynamic body lines create less turbulence. This way, it pulls easier, rides smoother, and realizes greater fuel economy. The slant-back rear end creates less draft – reducing drag on the unit, and extraneous crosswinds will have less effect on it. The Commander is also standard with the patented and original RollerTrap™.

The Wilson Commander aluminum hopper bottom trailer features many great standard qualities to make it a true value. Take a closer look at the features and popular options to find out some of the reasons why a Wilson trailer is your best value

PaceSetter Dealer Minnesota

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Up and down the highways and in and out of the fields is just what the Pacesetter double wall hopper is designed to do – premium performance when and where you need it. The smooth one-piece pre-painted aluminum sides are easier to pull and easier to keep clean, plus they provide greater strength with enduring flexiblity. The original and patented RollerTrap™ provides quick and easy unloading with greater ground clearance and it is less effected by road dust and debris than any rack and pinion drive door. Smooth inside skins, countersunk rivets in corners, plus no cross-bracing obstructions allow for complete and easy unloading.

Besides its obvious clean lines and great styling, the Wilson Pacesetter possesses many qualities deserving a closer look. Review the Features and Popular Options – realize the benefit and value of owning a Wilson Pacesetter.

Patriot Trailer Dealer Minnesota

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The versatility of the Patriot self unloading conveyor trailer coupled with the practicality of its long-lasting and light-weight aluminum construction lends itself to years of service life and greater payloads. The smooth aerodynamic sidewall design reduces wind drag, increases fuel economy, and makes the belt trailer easier to pull. The trailer stays clean longer, reducing maintenance and the associated costs.

Realize the Patriot’s full hauling potential from season to season with such products as corn, potatoes, gluten, hay cubes, gravel, and limestone – All unloaded in just a few minutes. Year around versatility and earning power! The Patriot is standard with the best features and it has all the available options necessary to make this trailer fit the need.

The Wilson Patriot has all the right features as standard equipment. Features that are designed to make the Patriot operate efficiently, durably, economically, and safely. Check out the Features and Popular Options and realize the true value of a Wilson trailer.

Road Brute Trailers Minnesota

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The Wilson RoadBrute line of Center Frame Flatbed trailers consists of the CF-900 and CF-965 Straight Decks and the award winning CFD-900 Dropdeck models. They feature an abundance of lightweight, durable aluminum and weigh about 1,000 pounds less than all steel models – yet they are designed to take on greater payloads. We dare to compare our quality – match our weights and capacities together and this trailer stands alone at the top. It has earned its reputation of excellence. Wilson has been producing the “Combo” since 1983 – making us a “pioneer” manufacturer for these products.

The Wilson Roadbrute has many notable features bringing it to the forefront of the combination flatbed industry as a true value. Thanks to an abundance of aluminum components, the RoadBrute will naturally last longer and cost less to maintain. That’s the beauty of aluminum…no corrosion problems, no need for repainting, and long-lasting curb appeal. Take a closer look at the RoadBrute’s Features and Popular Options. See why the Wilson RoadBrute is your right choice.

Wilson Premier Dealer Minnesota

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The Premier All-Aluminum Centerframe Flatbed commands the road and the load with its clean design, large capacities, and unified structure. Its all aluminum construction translates into long trailer life with low maintenance costs and higher resale value – Proving to be a winner mile after mile. The Premier is available in the both the straight platform and an all new drop deck model.

The Premier’s curb appeal may be what you will notice first, but a closer inspection will reveal the many great features of the trailer. Take a look at the Features and Popular Options of the Premier all aluminum flatbed. See what makes a Wilson trailer a true value.

Foreman Trailer Dealer Minnesota

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The Wilson Foreman Gooseneck Livestock Trailer allows you to gear the trailer just how you need it. The completely “Built-to-Specifications” trailer has all of Wilson’s available options to choose from. Of course, the Foreman has great standard features, and when combined with your specifications, the trailer becomes a very functional trailer designed to your need and a “pleasure to pull”.

Livestock safety – a concern the Foreman is designed around and a concern you can rest easier about because of features like smooth side walls, super-strong gates, superior ventilation, and high performance diamond tread plate floors.

Ranch Hand Trailers Minnesota

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The Ranch Hand by Wilson Trailer Company has all the right essential features in an affordable package. It is available in 16′ to 24′ lengths with a restricted but useful list of options. The standard highlights of the Ranch Hand include embossed aluminum side panels with riveted attachment for greater strength and flexibility, superior full-framed gate construction for reliable containment, and a dense raised-diamond tread plate floor for sure footing. To round off the Ranch Hand, it has an excellent “Fit & Finish” with low maintenance costs. This translates into a worthy value for you. A value you can realize at trade-in time.

The Ranch Hand may be limited in available options, it is plentiful in standard features. If you are looking for an economical trailer that is made of long lasting, low maintenance aluminum, then check out the Ranch Hand. Look over the Ranch Hand’s list of Features and Popular Options and see how it can be your best value for a gooseneck livestock trailer.

Roper Trailer Dealer Minnesota

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The Roper is designed to appeal to three niche markets. First, the trailer works well for ranches that need to carry equipment out in the field when working cattle. Secondly, the Roper functions well for cattlemen that show cattle – All the necessary gear can be carried in the secure tack room while the livestock hauling compartment can still be used to tie up cattle. The last market is the recreational trailer user. The Roper can be used as a horse trailer for ropers and pleasure riders yet still allow cattle to be hauled if needed.

Handy accessories can be added to finish the trailer out just the way you need it. And because it’s made of aluminum, the Roper is a wiser investment because of its low maintenance costs and higher resale value. Take a closer look at the Roper’s great Features & Popular Options and see how it will be a rewarding value for you.

Stampede Trailer Dealer Minnesota

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The Stampede is designed around the axles attaching directly to the rub rails, eliminating a 500 pound steel tandem sub-frame. The design also completely eliminates the inner fender, producing the smoothest trailer interior on the market! This smooth interior makes washing out the trailer much easier than slat-side interior post designs. The trailer’s inside width is 81″, inside wall to inside wall – still allowing ample room for even the largest livestock.

Straight-in loading, no interior fenders, and smooth interior walls means less stress for livestock and easier clean-out for the operator. Fully riveted aluminum construction allows the Stampede to flex when needed without cracking welds. Take a closer look at the Stampede’s great Features and Popular Options. See the value.